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Topkapi Palace

Barbera Hotel has an exceptional location just below the Gülhane Park and Topkapi Palace in the neighbourhood of Sirkeci. This area along with nearby areas Sultanahmet and Eminönü date back to 657 BC as Byzantium, an ancient Greek city which later became Constantinople in 330 AD. It is along the water at the joining of the Golden Horn to the Bosphorus Strait and Marmara Sea. The ancient Gateof Neorion and Gate of Eugenios mark the area under the 1st hill where the Acropolis once stood. Today, our location is ideal to see the ancient palaces, cisterns, and other fascinating architectural and historical sights of Istanbul. This area that contains the old city was home to the Roman, Latin, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and Sirkeci is still within the partially standing walls of where Constantinople once stood. Istanbul has now expanded vastly since the modern Republic of Turkey succeeded the Ottoman Empire in 1923 and holds an estimated population of 15 million.



  • Palace (1453-1853)(1853-1924),Museum (1924-present)
  • Architectural style ;Ottoman, Baroque
  • Coordinates ;41°0' 46.8" N 28°59′2.4" E
  • Construction started ;mid-15th century
  • Size ; 592,600 to 700,000 m2
  • Architect ;Mehmed II, Alaüddin, Davud Ağa, Mimar Sinan, Sarkis Balyan
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