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Relax in the lobby or in our house restaurant and bar next to the oversized gas fireplace. Have a Turkish coffee or cocktail while exploring our library. We have a collection of the best books on Constantinople and beyond. Browse the daily newspapers or use one of the house iPads to catch up on news.

Come join us in Tazé Tapas Bar & Restaurant every Thursday night for a wine tasting event to discover the best of the Turkish wines. We will have special tapas paired to each glass and you will learn about the impressive wine makers and regional grape varieties that have made an impact in the region.
(when applicable, please email us through for more information.)

Dinner in Tazé Tapas Restaurant will tie together similarities of the Mediterranean regions. Although each country calls the small plate style by a different name (i.e. antipasti, hors d’oeuvres, tapas, mukabalat, meze), they all enjoy a meal with the anise-seed flavoured drink that is called raki. Raki, otherwise compared to uzo, arak, pastis, or rakia, pairs with cold and hot appetizers, fish, and typical meat dishes. Along with raki and other cocktails, Tazé has a specially selected wine menu consisting of local producers as well as classics from around the world. Try a local boutique wine flight!