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Sustainable Efforts

At Barbera Hotel we want to offer the highest level of hospitality and quality while respecting our city and environment. To do so we use LED light bulbs, energy saver devices installed in each room, and request our guests to reuse their towels when possible. Sheets are changed every other day during your stay and all paper, batteries, light bulbs, and the hotels electronics are recycled in appropriate manners. For the marine and land environments, we buy as little plastic as possible and try to serve glass bottled drinks. Barbera Hotel also supports many local businesses and we buy natural and organic foods if available. While building the hotel, the owners avoided animal products like leather and bought goose down for the beds in minimal quantities which is why the pillow menu is effective. Rather than placing down in every room we attempted using different tempurpedic style and organic cotton pillows, but have a range of all pillows on hand to please every one of our guests. We used lead free and water-based paint and continue to use cleaning products with the health of the customer and staff in mind, as well as the environment. We make every effort possible to work with companies and suppliers who respect the environment as well.

Organizations We Support

According to Barbera Hotel’s owner Kerem Anlar along with his wife Jenna, education must be supported to help bring about compassion and respect for all living things in the world. They support several organizations in Turkey which help create equal education for young girls and boys. Also, they donate a portion of profits to local animal shelters on a monthly basis to help keep the street animals well fed and healthy.